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Most people either know what Osteopathy is because it has changed their lives or they have no idea what it is about. No, it is not just treatment of your bones. It is a long practiced manual therapy dating back to the late 1800's.

  • What is Osteopathy?
    Osteopathy is a manual (hands on) therapy. Based off 3 main principles. The body is a dynamic unit of function. The body has self healing & self regulating mechanisms and structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.
  • What makes Osteopathy different from other modalities?
    We do not look at one issue as a localized issue but an effect of something else. We are constantly asking ourselves why the body is presenting the way it is. We look at all body systems to consider why symptoms are experienced the way they are. The key to this is through the blood that connects the entire body.
  • What should I expect during a treatment?
    Every treatment begins with a full body assessment to determine where motion is restricted or outside of normal physiological ranges of motion It is individualized & thorough The purpose is to encourage normal physiological body motion and function. To provide little changes that the body can incorporate and integrate into its system. It is typical that several treatment are necessary to achieve the desired results. Individually dependent on numerous factors Overall the treatment is gentle and specific to the areas that require care.
  • Is Osteopathy a regulated profession in Canada?
    Osteopathy is an unregualted In Canada. So it is important to be critical when selected a manual osteopathic practitoner. I have 48 months of education and over 1000 hours of hands on treatment experience as a student. You should seek out a manual osteopathic practitoner who has at least 4 years of education and membership with a credible association for your protection and safety.
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